What a Difference 500 Miles Makes



Pulled out of our driveway this morning around 7 am on the start of our “Adventure Before Dementia…Westward Ho”tour. The temperature was 39 degrees. Nine hours and 500 miles later we found ourselves in summer and 81 degrees. We made it to St Paul without incident. I tried my hand at driving and felt fairly comfortable until I pulled into a gas station. I turned the truck and trailer into a parking area and narrowly (and I mean narrowly) missed taking out some mirrors on a school bus! Ugh! Fortunately it was a miss.

By the way, we had to stop for gas three times during our 500 miles today…..that’s averaging about 10 miles to the gallon….


This guy might be the campground host at the St. Paul East RV park. He came over to check us out.


The plan is to have breakfast with the Schmoeckels  Friday morning and then continue on.

Stay tuned…..


10 thoughts on “What a Difference 500 Miles Makes

  1. Being invited to this blog is bar none the absolute highlight of my week. Not sure if it’s because your life is so cool (or my life is so lame?) but I’m going with the former. Congrats on retirement, buddy. Happy trails to you. Glad you’re bringing me along here.


  2. I am so looking forward to living this vacation vicariously with you! Love the near miss! It’s a learning curve pulling these campers,isn’t it but I give you big marks for doing it!! Onward and upwards!!


  3. I’m so impressed that you tried driving “the rig”! Don’t forget an extra can of gas. I’m looking forward to seeing some great pictures and details. Have fun and safe travels!


  4. Adrian says if you hit something when you are pulling Seymour, you won’t have to drive anymore! Something to think about…


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