105 in the shade…wait, there is NO shade


Badlands National Park






IMG_7193.jpgThe Lakota culture moved into the western plains during the late 18th century. They referred to the difficult-to-traverse terrain of the White River Badlands as Mako Sica, which has been translated as “land bad”

French fur purveyors gave the Badlands a similar label as the Lakota, calling them “les mauvaises terres a traverser,” which roughly translates to “bad lands to traverse.”

The TerHaars agree with both the French and Lakota as it is indeed difficult to appreciate with temperatures topping out today at 105!!

Seymour is finding it difficult to cool down as well, the sitting area after hours of running the ac full blast is fairly comfortable, the bedroom….not so much.


After taking the loop through The Badlands we did stop at………….


wait for it








Wall Drug

I remember stopping at Wall Drug as a kid on a family trip out west. The place is much larger than I remember (of course that was 50 +years ago!) I spend a good part of 15 minutes in this iconic tourist trap before I couldn’t stand it anymore. I couldn’t even find the free ice water that I had seen advertised for hundreds of miles.



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