DSC06289.jpgWe left the oppressive heat in the Badlands and headed up to Keystone, home of those guys carved in the mountain.

We were able to check into our campsite early take a quick drive around come back and have some lunch when all of a sudden….hail!  Hail in a trailer is pretty noisy. So noisy we had to take the old hearing aids out! LOL

The weather cleared and we headed for Custer State Park. We took Highway 16A which is  famous for its scenic, one-lane tunnels aligned to frame the faces on Mount Rushmore, its “pigtail bridges“, and its sections of divided highway but with single (and narrow) lanes on each roadway. It also has crazy switchbacks and NO GUARD RAILS!




Once we got to the park we took the wildlife loop and saw buffalo, burros, prairie dogs, and antelope.Often there are highway backup because of the buffalo and burros. We did have to wait briefly for some burros to get off the road, or actually the people who stopped to pet the burros to get off the road. The landscape was beautiful. DSC06337.jpgDSC06358.jpgDSC06341.jpg


Another popular activity is to drive Needles Highway. This is another narrow road with extremely narrow tunnels…..so narrow that we did scrape our mirrors going through. No trailers or motor homes allowed on this road. The road itself winds it’s way up and through the needle like rock formations. The culmination is driving through the “eye” of the needle. I found this I found this video of the Needles Highway

We then drove to Custer and then back up to Keystone passing the The Crazy Horse Memorial. This monument has been under construction since 1948. We did a drive by and didn’t stop. The photo shows little… 😦


All in all a pretty full day I would say…

oh but wait,


HERE COMES THE GENERAL (Hats off to Lin-Manuel Miranda)


You will be seeing more of the general and his buddies later



8 thoughts on ““Hail”elujah!

  1. Hats off to Lin indeed! I am so glad you are enjoying the trip…but I would have loved to watch the Tony’s with you last night. Hamilton brought it home!


  2. I find myself looking forward to your posts daily–how lame am I, eh? That’s someone with no summer plans!! But really, I love seeing the pics and reading the latest….and I continue to think “I can’t believe Kate is camping!”


  3. So that is where the burros are…I vividly remember them from our trip 50 plus years ago…..remember we were at a standstill for some time because so many were on the road.


  4. Another great day of adventures. I’m savoring every word of these posts.

    (But, come on now, Kate. Recliners and a fireplace, too…let’s not forget those “comforts of home.” You wouldn’t believe this thing, Jaci!)


  5. This is very cool. Thanks for sharing! Brett said when he was out there for GRANITE, the buffalo walked right up to the cars–they had to shut their windows! Happy to see you are having a great time. 🙂


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