Mountains, lakes, reflections, oh my!

We just spent the last day in Grand Teton National Park. From snowcapped mountains to beautiful lakes, this place is gorgeous.

To my mind, Grand Teton has a more resort feel to it than Yellowstone. More people hiking, mountain climbing and boating than Yellowstone.  We did drive into Jackson for lunch and it definitely has an upscale vibe to it.

We boondocked ( no hookups) at Colton Bay Campground which was nestled along the water. This was a pretty large campground with warnings all over about bears. Warning were also at Yellowstone but seemed like a much bigger deal here. Every site had a bear box and we were advised to leave absolutely NOTHING outside either the trailer, truck or bear box….not even a water bottle. Now, I get this, but what about all the campers there in tents! If it smells, lock it up….does that mean tenter don’t smell???  Oh well.

Tonight we are in Bozeman, Montana catching up on some laundry, grocery shopping and INTERNET!! Our Glacier National Park reservations don’t start until Friday so we will just explore Montana until we need to be there.

I will have to do some thinking about any additional food, supplies etc. since the 3 days there are off the grid…no power, water etc. except what we supply our selves. The fridge works off both propane and electricity so that is not a worry. We also have along a generator in case we need to recharge the trailer batteries


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