Oh Canada, Your National Parks are Glorious!

Take a drive along the Trans-Canada Highway and you come to not one but two national parks. The first is Baniff which is a city actually within the park. Click here for info on Baniff.

We were lucky enough to find a campsite at the Tunnel Mountain Trailer Court (gotta love the name) where we stayed for two nights.

The iconic site in Alberta and the Baniff area is Lake Louise. Not only iconic but BUSY! We circled the parking area before scoring a great parking spot (thinks to my golden ticket).



From our campsite in Baniff we drove up to the Columbia Glacier Fields. This was the most beautiful drive our our entire trip…to date. Mountains, lakes, rivers, glaciers, waterfalls plus the roads were great, had guard rails and many pull offs (unlike the Going to the Sun Road at Glacier which I refer to as the Driving to Your Death Road). We drove perhaps 2/3 of the way to Jasper before heading back to Baniff.




Here is Seymour as we were leaving the Tunnel Mountain Trailer Court….mountains all around us.

Lastly, Alberta is certainly diversified geographically speaking. From mountains, glaciers, foothills, hay fields and some glorious bright yellow fields. These yellow fields are acres and acres of mustard!


We are now back in the US. Canada Day is tomorrow, July 1st and there are no campsites available anywhere! We have started to head east and will be traveling on US 2 for a while at least….yes….that US2!



2 thoughts on “Oh Canada, Your National Parks are Glorious!

  1. I hope that you have recovered from your virus. Thank you for sharing your glorious pictures with us. Travel well and carefully. See you in the Yoop.


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