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What a trip! 6,300 miles of America and Canada.
We are back home now and thinking about the next adventure.

From Boom to BUST! (Sorry North Dakota)

Yesterday, July 1st, we drove from Shelby, Montana to Watford, North Dakota about 450 miles on US2. It was a long day! We did pass through Moscow, Zurich, Malta and RUDYARD! The road was great, little traffic but also very little interesting scenery. Lots of barren fields and scrub land. When we hit the North Dakota border we started seeing many, many oil rigs, and oil field equipment emptytravel trailers and temporary housing. This northwestern part of North Dakota was the hub of the oil boom . Now most of the housing sits empty.



We had a very difficult time finding an RV park. Everything we saw had been converted to more long term stays instead of the overnighter. We did find one in Watford. I think we were the only short term unit there. I found it uncomfortable, but we made do.

Today, the winds were quite strong and after driving about 80 miles we decided to turn west again and check out Theodore Roosevelt National Park. We found an RV park and decided to relax for the day instead of fighting the wind.

We did drive the scenic loop in the park. The landscape is just like we saw in the Badlands. This has made me curious about what makes up badlands…..check this out

Tomorrow we will start heading east….not sure how far we will get, but St. Paul is in the not too distant future.


Typical badlands view


Wild horses, prairie dogs and…….


the iconic bison!


…our navigator and relief driver………..