Back to Where We Started


We are camping in Zeeland, MI for convenience to both Art Prize and relatives in the area. Both of us were raised in the Holland/Zeeland area and still have some family in the area. The campground, Dutch Treat, is located in an area where Carl used to play as a child. A number of gravel pits were in this area and was a place for neighborhood kids to swim and fish.

This is a photo of Seymour getting his “dutch” on at Dutch Treat Campground.


We drove around Zeeland, past Carl’s childhood home and the neighborhood.  A lot has changed since that time!


We took a drive out to Ottawa Beach and Holland State Park to take in the sunset. It was a beautiful day and an equally lovely sunset . At the beach, parking was a a premium as many folks had the same idea we did in enjoying the sunset. We found a spot to park and walked out the channel side to enjoy the vistas. Beautiful evening. Copper enjoyed the walk as well.




The iconic lighthouse….Big Red



Day is done…..



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