Opening Day

The opening day of Art Prize 8 is here. The day stated off with a thunderstorm so instead of heading to Grand Rapids first thing in the morning we waited until the rain let up and the thunder stopped (for Copper’s sake). We arrived in GR around 10:30 and one of out first stops was of course DeVos Center to see Carl’s piece hung on the wall. I was very fun to see a few people grouped around the photo as we were making our way up to it.IMG_8473.jpg

We spent the rest of the day walking all around the downtown area to see the art work. There is so much we missed, but again, there is so much we saw!

Loved seeing the trout bicycle!


The creator of this ball is actually living in it during Art Prize.



This wheel chair was made out of plastic toy soldiers.


This was a giant marble run!







Love Finds Us….photos of hearts found serindipidously in nature.


This sturgeon was created out of sand and took the artist about 1 full week of work on site to create. If some one sneezes….the sand is blown around. It was meant to illustrate the fragility of life. IMG_8447.jpg

A close up of sturgeon…incredibly detailed work.



The picture below was created with duct tape!


Fused glass



Crocheted flax



Upcycled bottle caps submitted by a middle school


One very interesting piece was a 12 hour video showing men sweep away time. The video actually showed the current time. The time in the video is 2:21  See the video HERE

and so much more.






4 thoughts on “Opening Day

  1. Absolutely savored every picture. That sturgeon. Isn’t it an incredible feeling to be mezmerized by art work…so much so that you can’t even look away? Thanks for bringing us along.


  2. I think this needs to be on my bucket list for retirement….I know it’s not a huge trip–but something I have heard about in the last few years and would be a fun and interesting outing. Carl’s photos are beautiful–makes me want to learn about photography.


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