High Tide

We are in New Brunswick, Canada at the Bay of Fundy. This bay has the highest tides on earth.The tides rise as much as 56 feet the height of a 5-story building. It’s the extended, delta-like shape of the bay that intensifies the tides.

bay_of_fundy_ecozones_map_1390x1123.jpgOver time, the tides have eroded cliffs and left curious sea stacks along the shoreline. One of best examples is at Hopewell Cape, where the Hopewell Rocks are a sightseeing draw at both low and high tides.

Check out this video of the tidal fluctuations at Hopewell Rocks Hopewell Rocks Video




The tide was coming in when we were there and we could actually watch it rise. We plan on going back tomorrow morning when there is a low tide and walk around on the sea floor. Very interesting place.



Another interesting point (at least to me) is that we are now in the Atlantic time zone UTC-4. Up until we reached New Brunswick we stayed in the same time zone as Michigan.