The Big Kahuna, The Master of the Universe, THE KING OF THE ROAD

I am writing the Monday morning June,20, our final morning in Yellowstone. Just yesterday Carl asked me what I would remember most about this park… the stunning scenery or the miserable virus we both have…… At the time my answer was… the virus!

Upon further reflection my answer has changed. The scenery is indeed breath taking ( by the way, so is the virus). Snow topped mountains, magnificent lakes, the greenest valleys I have ever seen, and so much more. But it is the bison who rule this park. There are thousands of them. In the forests, on the mountainsides, in the valleys and on the roads! They determine the flow of the park. A bison will stand his ground in the middle of road for as long as it takes…. He is the master of all.

The first time seeing these beasts roaming freely is amazing, first time in a traffic hold up, funny… but after seeing them do there thing day in and day out you begin to realize that they know the power they have and they use it well.

During our time here we have driven many mile just taking in the fabulous beauty but also looking for wildlife. So far we have seen

  • Bison
  • Elk
  • Eagles (both bald and golden)
  • Ground squirrels
  • Fox
  • Geese…millions and millions of them
  • Wolves
  • Ravens

Another memory of the park will be there smell yes, the smell…..the lovely smell of sulfur. The area is a bubbling caldron of hot springs, geysers, stream vents and mud pots and give off an aroma of sulfur. This is so different than the land we normally encounter. If these,I must say my favorites are the mud pots. They are a hole in the ground making glurping noises and spitting out dollops of oozing mud!

We hit many of the park highlighted locations during our driving around. They include:

  • Mammoth Hot Spring
  • Tower Fall
  • Lamar Valley
  • Norris Geyser Basin
  • Canyon area
  • Midway Geyser Basin
  • Old Faithful
  • Grant Village
  • West Thumb Geyser Basin
  • Lake Village
  • Madison
  • Fishing Bridge

Hat’s off to you Yellowstone! You so deserve to be America’s 1st National Park….Happy 100th!


3 thoughts on “The Big Kahuna, The Master of the Universe, THE KING OF THE ROAD

  1. Oliver thinks it is SO COOL that you guys saw real life geysers. When I first told him, he was very concerned for your safety…but now he can’t wait to hear your stories of them. (and maybe a geyser postcard is in order! Hint hint)

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  2. Loving reading your blog! Yellowstone is such a great place. I was last there in 1974. Thanks for the amazing photos too! Hope both you and Carl are over the viral bug.


  3. Thanks for these great posts and photos. Yellowstone is such an an amazing place! I was last there in 1974, so it is fun to go back vicariously through your blog. Hope both you and Carl are feeling cub better!


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